Caring for your hair after working out

Exercise is essential in preventing heart disease and other illnesses, regulating weight, and managing other aspects of life including sleep, mood, memory, strength, and energy levels. Did you know that the health of your hair correlates with the health of your body? Exercise is good for your hair in the long run! However, workouts cause perspiration and sweat left on your scalp can do quite a bit of damage, which is why you will need to know these post-workout hair care tips to keep your hair fighting fit and looking great too.

1. Use dry shampoo before exercise

We usually exercise first thing in the morning, so we like to use our dry shampoo at night. It will absorb overnight, and our hair will look refreshed. But if you exercise later in the day, you can spray some into your roots before, so it’ll absorb the excess moisture and sweat. The easiest way to get rid of sweat and execute hair care after exercising is also to apply dry shampoo on it.

2. Use hair care oil

Give your hair a good application of tea tree oil to keep bacteria and fungus at bay. But do not apply tea tree oil by itself as it is very potent; mix it with coconut oil and apply it instead. You can also use peppermint oil on your scalp for post-workout hair care. Not only is it refreshing but it is also known to induce hair growth. Mix a few drops of the oil with aloe vera juice and water before applying.

3. Drink enough water

Two-thirds of our body consists of water, which directly promotes metabolism. Exercising leads to sweating. You lose large amounts of fluids and if the weather is hot, it is natural for you to feel thirsty during the workout and suppressing your thirst is not a very good idea.Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day in addition to the water you consume post your workout. Dehydration is the number one cause of a dry scalp.

4. Use sulfate-free shampoo

Pick daily shampoos designed for daily use. That way, you will not be fighting against your delicate scalp’s natural mechanism of keeping your hair moisturised. Use a light-weight moisturising shampoo without sulfate that will not over cleanse your hair. Give your hair a good wash with warm water. Make you sure you don’t you’re your hair every single day though.

These are some post-workout hair tips to keep our hair looking fresh even after a few days! You can also enhance your hair care efforts with the right treatment at Oriental Hair Solutions. At Oriental Hair Solutions, all Scalp Analysis to be done by Trichologist-Trained Certified Hair Practitioners and tailor your individualised recommended Treatment Programme for you so that you will be able to maximize its benefits. Click here to learn more about the different treatments we have.

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