6 things you might not know about your hair

Hair is one of the most individually unique parts of our bodies­. You cut it, you fuss over it, you despair about it and then you drench it with water, blast it with hot air and cover it in hair care products.

Or you’re trying out a new hairbrush or shampoo, and you come about to notice your hair seems to be falling out more and you stop using the product right away. You’ll end up with yet another unused product kept deep inside your cupboard.

But did you know that when you switch hair products, your hair needs time to adjust? Give your hair a few days to regulate to a new product. If the product is not causing itch, redness or other allergic reactions, it’s perfectly normal to keep using the product for a week to monitor how your hair is reacting to it.

There are so many things to learn about your crown glory – and we’re sharing some lesser known facts about hair with you today. These interesting hair trivia will make you look at your hair a little differently.

1. It’s (almost) everywhere

Hair grows not just on your head, but almost everywhere over your body. The only places that it doesn’t grow on are the soles of your feet, your lips, your eyelids, and the palms of your hands. An average human being has about a whopping 5 million hair follicles all over the body.

2. It works like a hat

Ever wondered why we have hair on our head? Our head is one of the few places on our body where we have no fat layer to keep us warm, so the hair is there to keep us warm during those cold months of the year.

3. It’s strong

A strand of hair can hold up to 100g while a full head of hair is strong enough to support up to 10-12 tonnes. That’s the equivalent of two African elephants! Having said that, it’s still essential to not put unnecessary stresses on your tresses!

4. It’s elastic when wet

Wet hair becomes very elastic when it’s wet and can stretch by up to 30% without being damaged.

5. It’s one of the fastest growing body tissues

Hair is the second-fastest growing tissue in the body, after bone marrow. One centimetre of hair can disclose much about your conduct in the past month, such as what you ate and drank, as well as the surroundings you had come across. It is a good indication of your health and you should take note if your usually glossy hair has turned dull or frizzy.

6. Asian hair grows the fastest

East Asian hair grow at a record rate of 1.3 cm a month, and it also has the longest cycle of growth, lasting up to nine years compared to the average two to seven years. The density of Asian hair is lower than the density of any other ethnic groups. The hair follicles of Asian people are oriented perpendicularly to the scalp, resulting in straight hair.

Much like understanding your skin type is crucial for implementing an effective skincare regimen, getting to know your hair intimately can play a massive role in the efficiency of your daily hair care routine. Hop onto our blog section to read more hair care tips and arm yourself with information to understand and protect your locks.

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