Exercise your way to healthy hair

Hair is an integral part of our human body. Everyone must have faced this issue of hair loss too. There are several exercises to reduce hair loss and help with hair growth. These workouts have a positive effect on your hair as they increase blood flow to your scalp aiding in hair growth.

Doing exercises regularly promotes healthy hair growth. Working out makes the pores in your scalp open up and increases blood flow to your scalp, thus enriching the hair follicles with nutrients.

Here is a collection of scalp exercises for hair growth that prevent hair loss. Take a pick and start right away, exercising your way to the healthy hair that you desire.

1. Scalp Massage

Head massage is a simple, inexpensive, and essential hair growth exercise. This process increases blood flow to your scalp by opening up the pores on your head. Hair follicles receive much-needed nourishment and improve the hair quality too. Simply start by selecting an oil rich in nutrients and warm it up, then part your hair in the middle and apply oil onto your scalp with your fingertips. Thereafter, start with gentle strokes, distributing oil all around the scalp and increase the intensity of strokes to improve blood flow. It helps you relax, reducing stress, thereby helping in hair growth.

2. Jogging

Running is a form of workout that releases fat and unnecessary toxins in the form of sweat. Our skin is full of pores, and it depends on us how effectively we use them. We all take care of the skin on our face, hands, and legs. But often neglect the pores on our scalp. Perspiration that happens during running proves to be a useful exercise for hair growth. Try to start your day by jogging for at least half an hour a day.

3. Neck Exercises

Neck exercises are one of the best ways to help you with hair growth. Use these stretches to release the tensed muscles and stress around the neck. It also keeps your neck injury-free.

First, stand straight with your hands relaxed on the sides. Slowly bend your head forward and bring it back, extending it as much as possible; you should be able to feel the stretch in the neck. Extend your head sideways on each side, stretching on each side for at least 10 seconds.

4. Side To Side Hops

Side to side hops is an exercise that helps your hair grow faster and keeps your cardiovascular health in check. You can do this by standing erect with a gap of hip-width between your feet. Place your feet in such a way as if you are jogging but you need to make sure that you have space for the jump. Slightly bend and jump sideways as much as your body allows. Repeat the same process on both sides.

5. Brushing Hair

Brushing hair is a daily activity part of everybody’s life. You will be delighted to know that proper brushing your hair will reduce hair loss. The natural oils in your scalp are spread to the hair strands by using a boar-bristle brush. Brushing your hair also stimulates blood flow to the scalp providing rich nourishment to the hair follicles, ensuring hair growth.

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