Say goodbye to busy mornings!

It’s time to wake up, but your snooze button gets the better of you. An hour has passed and now you’re officially late! Sound familiar? On some mornings, getting ready is really just the last thing on your mind.

We all are busy. I mean, we don’t even have time to breathe these days. Much less for anything else. And when it comes to women, it’s a chaos because we always like to be presentable and hate shabby things. So, even on manic mornings, don’t settle for basic ponytails and unruly bed hair. Instead, you can achieve effortlessly stylish hair in no time with these handy hair hacks that we are going to share below.

1. Dry shampoo is your BFF

Dry shampoo is everything when it comes to busy mornings, especially when you’re due for a shampoo! Our tip is to use it the night before. Spray it along your roots and allow it to combat excess oil that is being produced overnight. This will minimise the likelihood of waking up with a greasy head. You can also DIY your own dry shampoo using baby powder. Make ahead and keep it on hand for emergencies!

2. Control that frizz with a toothbrush and hairspray

It does sound kind of strange, but it really works a treat! If you suffer from fiercely frizzy hair, what you can do is to simply spray an old (but clean) toothbrush with hairspray and brush it over those flyaway strands.

3. Braid your hair the night before

if you’re a fan of wavy or curly hair but do not have the time to commit to the curling iron in the morning, braid your hair the night before. This trick works particularly well on wet hair. Whether you do a French braid or multiple plaits, you’ll rise and shine to beautifully wavy locks. Finish this look off with some hair spray and scrunch your hair up to achieve beautiful bounciness. You can also learn a few braids in advance and try one next time when you’re in a rush.

4. Invest in a good brush

You should invest in a good brush, specifically one that is boar bristle. The time-honoured boar bristle brush will naturally condition your hair, improve your hair’s texture, reduce fizziness and save you money on purchasing unnecessary styling products.

5. Invest in a good hair dryer

Save time every morning by investing in a good hair dryer! No more time wasting due to the dryer suddenly shuts itself off to cool down. A good hair dryer helps to dry the hair within minutes, which will be great for those looking for a quick fix up before leaving the house. This is also a good opportunity to work some mousse into your hair and down to the roots. Flip your head upside down to get full coverage with the hair dryer.

6. Try a twisty bun

Worried that it’s time consuming? Well it’s not! You can create a twisty bun just under five minutes! Divide your hair into two low pigtails and then braid each pigtail. Wrap your braids together and secure them with bobby pins and spritz of hairspray at the back of your head.

7. Master a few simple hair styles

Whether your hair is long or short, experiment with a few go-to styles you can rely on whenever time is short. Styles like sleek ponies can disguise a hectic morning. For shorter cuts, look for a style that lets you air dry for a carefree tousled look.

8. Have some hair accessories on hand

It’s also a good idea to keep a few essential hair accessories on hand just in case you need any when you’re in a rush for a quick hair fix. For example, you can get a few cute hairbands, bobby pins which match your hair colour, and some elastic bands. Keep these in a bag or an accessories container, so that you don’t have to scramble to find them especially when you’re already in a rush for time.

You deserve to feel good about how you look, even when life gets hectic. Remember these hacks and you’ll leave the house looking and feeling your best in this new year ahead!

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