Why Protein Makes All the Difference in Hair Growth Therapy

If you have suffered from hair loss, you’re likely feeling less than confident. After all, isn’t hair loss supposed to happen to men? The truth is, women are just as troubled with losing their hair as men are. Men that lose their hair can sport bald heads and while women can too, most don’t want to.

It’s easy to see why. Many people think you might be terminally ill if you’re losing your hair. But that’s not always the case. The things we do to our hair over time, like repeated tugging and styling, coloring, perming, and straightening all have the potential to cause hair loss. Additionally, diet and stress can come into play. Plus, if you’ve had children, you know all too well how hair fall is common postpartum.

Does that mean you have to sit back and watch your hair thin out? Of course not!

At Oriental Hair Solutions, we know what works to bring back full, strong, and beautiful hair. Hair growth therapy can help your hair in many ways to restore it back to the way it was before.

And there’s one component in particular that we like to focus on to help give your hair the best boost for regrowth possible: protein!

Why Protein Benefits Your Hair Growth

In your hair, it contains keratin, a type of protein. By applying protein treatments to your hair, you can protect and strengthen your hair. When your hair isn’t getting enough protein, that’s when the problems begin.

Without enough protein in your strands, each one weakens. This makes it more prone to breakage. It can break off in the middle or at the follicle. In either case, since every hair on your head is in a different growing stage, it can lead to a thinned-out appearance.

The biggest mistake people make is not getting enough protein in their diet too though. Protein is one of those essential building blocks your body needs. If you’re not eating enough of it, you’re not helping your hair.

Your approach to healthy hair regrowth should be two-pronged. On the one hand, you must make sure your diet provides what your hair needs to grow from inside out. And on the other, you must nourish your strands from the outside to help protect it, keep it strong, and leave it with a shiny, lustrous and healthy look.

While we can’t come to your house and make you eat more healthfully, you can come to Oriental Hair Solutions for our hair therapy treatment to help your hair really shine and flourish with health. Schedule an appointment today to get 1 session of Protein Hair Growth Therapy + 1 set of Herbal Formulated Hair Care Kit at $18 (Total Worth: $358) and give your hair the love it needs to grow strong!



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