Oxygen for the Life of Your Hair: How It Can Help Your Hair Thrive

It’s quite clear what happens to humans when not enough oxygen is present. Yet, most of us aren’t getting enough of it in a clean and pure form. With more pollution in the air, inadequate eating habits, and a lack of exercise, our bodies aren’t getting enough of the good stuff.

When cells don’t get enough clean oxygen, immunity is compromised. And guess what else is too…skin and hair! A lack of oxygen causes us to feel fatigued and that goes all the way up to the roots of our hair.

If your hair hasn’t been as full of life lately, the answer is getting an oxygen treatment to resuscitate it. Here are the most common hair issues that can benefit from oxygen.

Hair loss

Hair loss can happen to anyone and there are many reasons why. From pregnancy to stress and other medical conditions, it can cause excessive hair fall, leaving your hair thinner and patchier. When you use an oxygen treatment though, it goes right to the root of the problem, pardon the pun. By supplying your hair follicles with necessary oxygen, it creates proper nutrients and helps restore your hair growth and keeping hair fall to the normal amounts.

Damaged hair

We do so much to look our best but sometimes, those chemical treatments and dyes we use on our hair take too much from it. Oxygen treatments help revitalize hair from the shaft outward to restore it with new cells in the cuticle. Over time, you’ll see your hair turn from dry, damaged, burnt-out, and weak to soft, supple, strong, thick, and amazing.


Dandruff might be a normal condition caused by dry scalp, but it can lead to embarrassment. You can use dandruff shampoos, but the best way to stop that itchy, dry scalp is to replenish it with oxygen. By doing so, it restores normality to your sebaceous glands in the scalp which serve to provide natural oils to your hair. Additionally, when those glands function as they should, they keep the scalp hydrated and solve your scalp woes naturally.

Oxygen is so important for healthy hair. When your body isn’t circulating properly, your blood isn’t delivering as much oxygen as needed to keep everything healthy and nourished. Correcting the problem with an oxygen treatment while balancing your diet and exercise is the best way to restore your hair to a youthful, fuller, and more beautiful appearance.

Infuse your hair with oxygen and you’re going to love how you look! Make an appointment today at Oriental Hair Solutions to boost your locks with oxygen. For a limited time, you can get this incredible treatment at a special promotional price: 1 session of Herbal Scalp + Oxygen Hair Root Therapy + 1 Herbal Formulated Hair Tonic at $18 (regular price: $538). Reserve your spot today!

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