The wonders of plants in nourishing the scalp

Have you ever seen someone with that hair of your dreams that you couldn’t help but keep sneaking glances at? Chances are you have, and you may have also wondered how much work is spent to maintain that shiny mane. Healthy hair relies on a healthy scalp, and it’s no mean feat to get a healthy scalp instantly. To get those enviable tresses, you need to give your scalp what it needs.

We all have different hair types with different ideal growth situations. Understanding your hair type is important in maximizing your hair’s health and growth. Always remember, a healthy scalp is well stimulated.

Some of the key vitamins that you need to enrich your scalp for healthier and longer hair include:

  • Vitamin B2: promotes healthy cell growth
  • Vitamin B3: promotes healthy scalp circulation
  • Vitamin B12: essential in the formation of healthy red blood cells that transport oxygen to scalp and follicles, which is a crucial component of sustained hair growth
  • Vitamin B7: helps produce keratin and works to increase elasticity in the cortex, since elasticity is the first defence in the prevention of breakage and hair loss
  • Vitamin C: an antioxidant which helps to maintain hair and skin health by enhancing immune function at a cellular level
  • Vitamin D3: helps the body hold on to hair longer which is optimal for a voluminous head of hair

For hundreds of years, people have always used plants and herbs to nourish the scalp and promote hair growth. Ancient people knew the power of plants and regularly utilised plant extracts for their own remedies and beauty treatments. Plant extracts are parts of the plant that are removed, or extracted, for their desirable properties. When added to hair and skin products, they provide a whole host of beneficial results depending on the plant(s) used, such as the key vitamins that the scalp needs. These natural ingredients can provide the hair and scalp with necessary nutrients to build a solid foundation for healthy hair growth over the long term. You can enjoy the wonders of having strong and healthy locks without the side effects of harmful chemicals.

Benefits of using plant-based hair care products include:

  • Natural stimulation of hair follicles, promoting hair growth
  • Maintains moisture while improving overall hair health by infusing natural oils and incorporating vitamins and minerals
  • No risk of allergies because they contain only all-natural ingredients
  • Promotes fuller, thicker and healthier looking hair with nutrient infusion to promote thriving hair follicles

A healthy scalp is not impossible. Opting for plant-based hair products is a gentler approach to promoting healthy hair. Instead of being exposed to synthetic chemicals that will damage the hair and scalp, plant-based products are good for you, as well as for the environment. Additionally, synthetic and chemical ingredients increase the chances of hair loss, dandruff, allergies, and irritation. Plant-based hair products are much less likely to show any side effects since the contents are close to, or even match your body chemistry biogenetically.

Once you get a hair care regimen that works for you, it should be relatively easier to maintain your scalp and hair, maintaining their optimal health. When your scalp is properly nourished with vitamins for hair growth, you can grow your hair to any length that you like.

To enhance your efforts to grow healthy hair, Oriental Hair Solutions has just the right treatment to transform the hair with a unique blend of vitamins and nutrients from plants. Enjoy a session of Oriental Plant-Based Scalp Spa Treatment and you also get a $100 service voucher, together with a complimentary Herbal Shampoo (240ml) all just for $18 (U.P. $298)! Enjoy being the centre of attention as your friends and family ask you what you have been doing to get such gorgeous tresses.

Your scalp is an extension of your face, and your hair is also an extension of your scalp, so start treating the scalp and hair by harnessingthe power of plants. Extend that same tender loving care to your scalp, just like how you would for your face. Provide your hair with the love and care that it needs with plant-based ingredients and let us help you take better care of your hair.

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