Award-Winning Treatments For Hair & Scalp Problems.

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more than 100 Natural Oriental Plant Herbs like Ginseng, Polygonum Multiflorum, Gentian are used, and are specifically concocted to cater to the needs of different individuals.

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About Us

Oriental Hair Solutions was created to help people with hair and scalp problems caused by a stressful lifestyle, environmental damages, genetic problems and harsh chemicals used in various hairdressing techniques.

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Award-Winning Treatments For Hair & Scalp Problems.
visible results and eventually clinched the Women’s Weekly Singapore Hair Care & Superbrands!

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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Oriental Hair Solutions:

Advance Oriental Herb Extraction Technology


No Unpleasant Smell


State-Of-The-Art Equipment


Effective & Visible Results

Award Winning Treatment

Our Treatment Approach:

  • Step 1. Analysis
  • Step 2. Treatment
  • Step 3. Follow-Up

Upon completion of the Hair Questionnaire and detailed analysis of your scalp with our Analysis Scanner, our well-trained professional consultants will formulate your Treatment Programme according to our evaluation of your particular problems, taking into consideration of your health, scalp conditions, stress level, hormonal factors, and hereditary traits. We will then educate you on the best approach to a successful Treatment Programme.

Once you have your individualised recommended Treatment Programme, your consultant will personally prescribe the concoctions and treatment protocol most suitable for your conditions during each visit.

Monitoring and adjustments of Treatment Programme. Each case is unique, hence different people react differently to our Treatment Programme. Your scalp will be scanned periodically and your consultant will closely monitor and review your progress, modifying the treatment protocol if necessary so that you will be able to maximize its benefits.