Malaysia Promotion


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    Choose either A or B for X'mas Promotions:
    A) 1 session of Hair Thickening Scalp Therapy + Low Level Cold Light Laser + 1 Herbal Formulated Hair Tonic OR
    B) 1 session of Ginseng Scalp Protector + Herbal Hair Colouring (Dark Colours Only) + 1 Herbal Formulated Hair Tonic
    at RM38 (U.P RM890)
    A) 一次头发加厚头皮疗法 + 低强度冷光激光 + 草本头发补剂 或
    B) 一次人参头皮保护 + 草本染发(极限基本色)+ 草本头发补剂
    at RM38 (U.P RM890)