Get Your Hair to Grow Back with Hair Regeneration

It’s very normal for you to lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. But sometimes, from stress or post-pregnancy, hair fall can occur much more than we’d like. It leaves us with thinner hair and less confidence.

Most of the time, it’s nothing to worry about. You may worry when you find a lot of hair in the drain of your shower, but that’s usually from hairs that are loose already. The time to worry is if you have bald spots, clumps of hair falling out at a time, or patchiness. Getting a thorough checkup from your doctor is advised to make sure you don’t have a serious health condition.

Why does hair fall out?

When more hair than usual falls out, it’s typically due to stress or an illness. Other reasons you could be losing your locks are due to thyroid conditions, nutritional deficiencies, pregnancy, alopecia, or female pattern hair loss.

Additionally, if you over-treat your hair to bleaching, heat styling, excessive washing or brushing, you may notice less hair on your head over time. When your hair follicles have been stretched or split from certain taxing hair treatments, you compromise your hair follicles.

Understanding the Life Cycle of Hair

Hair, whether it’s healthy or not, grows in different stages. Every hair on your head is in a different stage which can be anywhere from two to five years. This way, when it’s the end of a hair’s life cycle, you don’t suddenly wake up without any hair. The anagen phase is when your hair strand is growing. Something that stops your hair from this growing is called anagen effluvium, which is more commonly called hair loss.

Next is the catagen phase which lasts two to three weeks. Only about 2% of your hair is in this phase. The telogen phase is the last one where you’re likely to have about 9% of yours hairs currently in this stage. When you have hair loss, you have over 10% of your hair in the telogen phase.

Am I Losing Too Much Hair?

To know whether you should be concerned or not, try a pull test. Take a small area of clean, dry hair and then run your fingers gently through it. Give it a slight tug at the end. If more than three hairs are left in your hand after you give it a tug, you are experiencing hair loss.

Let Hair Regeneration Help

While we advise you make sure you don’t have a chronic illness causing your hair loss by visiting your doctor, you should also visit Oriental Hair Solutions. We have a special promotion going on for a very limited time that will help you regenerate your hair and have a healthy head full of it once again. Get 2 sessions of 9 Steps Hair Regeneration Treatment + 1 Herbal Formulated Hair Tonic at $28 (regular price: $538). Schedule your appointment today!

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