Why You Probably Need a Scalp Detox to Boost Your Hair Growth

Have you ever had your scalp detoxed? If not, it’s time to start. While you might think that simply washing your hair is enough to detox it, it’s definitely not the same. Everything you apply to your hair adheres to your scalp and compromises its delicate microbiome. This is why a scalp detox is essential.

Here are 6 reasons why you should schedule a scalp detox at Oriental Hair Solutions!

1. You don’t wash your hair every day

It’s true that you don’t need to wash your hair every day, but if you go that route, you need to take care to detox your scalp. Using the right shampoo helps but when you skip days of hair washing, you allow your scalp to clog with sebum, product buildup and residue. When those hair follicles get clogged, guess what? The won’t grow new hair!

Too much washing can have its own problems too which is why we say don’t worry about washing it every day, but DO make time for a scalp detox!

2. You’re dieting

When you get on the trolley of a new diet or lifestyle change, the toxins you’re cleansing from your body come out all over. That includes on the top of your head. These can create breakouts and irritations on the scalp. A scalp detox can help you draw all the toxins out and soothe the scalp.

3. Your hair is thinning out

When you’re otherwise healthy and you start losing hair left and right, the problem is likely from oxidative stress. Those nasty free radicals you encounter in your day-to-day are doing major damage to your hair follicles. While you should definitely reduce your exposure to free radicals and eat more antioxidant-rich foods, a scalp detox can get rid of those nasty toxins before they have a chance to destroy your hair, all while adding antioxidants to protect it from future damage.

4. Weather changes

When the weather or climate changes, so too does your scalp. If it gets dry, flakes can come on and when they aren’t exfoliated away, they get into your hair follicles and clog them. A scalp detox will get rid of all of that plus restore moisture back into your parched scalp.

5. You live in the city

City life is grand but the expense is you’re exposing yourself to toxins. If you know what those toxins can do to your skin and you protect your skin, why aren’t you doing it for your hair? Get a scalp detox!

6. You go overboard with styling products

Even when you wash your hair on the regular, shampoo isn’t enough to get rid of some of those waxy products you use for styling. The residue builds up on your scalp and causes problems for hair growth. It’s time to get a clean slate with a scalp detox.

It’s time to give your hair the boost it needs to get back to growing again. Enjoy 1 session of Scalp Detox Therapy + Hair Growth Ampoule + 1 Herbal Formulated Hair Shampoo for only $18 (regular price $478) when you make an appointment at Oriental Hair Solutions today! Hurry – this offer is for a limited time only!



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