How to Achieve Your Most Beautiful and Healthy Hair Ever

Do you color or chemically-treat your hair often? If so, it probably shows. Dermatologists continually warn about the harsh chemicals and heat styling tools you use because they can damage the hair and the scalp. Hair can’t heal itself once damaged because it’s not alive. But the scalp is! And learning how to care for it is the key to unlocking gorgeous and healthy hair.

Here’s how to have more gorgeous, healthier hair!

1. Stop over-processing

Fried and dried out hair doesn’t look good on anyone. Stop bleaching it and coloring it. If you have greys you’re trying to cover, see your stylist instead of doing it yourself. Choose a shade that blends better with your roots, and a coloring product that doesn’t contain ammonia or harsh chemicals.

2. Take it easy with the heat-styling tools

Applying too much heat to your hair too often will cause it to go brittle and dry. If you love the look of your hair when it’s straight, try letting it air-dry instead and then spraying it with a heat protection spray before ironing it out.

3. Use lower settings on hair dryers and other tools

For hair dryers, start off with the lowest setting first, then turn up the heat. It also helps to use a low-to-medium heat and then blast it with the cold setting to prevent hair from getting too hot. For other styling tools, keep the heat turned down lower and work quickly to avoid burning your hair.

4. Try a moist towel

When styling with a ceramic flat iron, try using a thin moist towel as a barrier in your device to protect your hair from the direct heat.

5. Chemical perms and straighteners can damage the hair and scalp

We all want the hair we don’t have naturally. If it’s straight, you likely dream of curls and if it’s curly, you always envy your friends with straight hair. While getting these treatments can help you avoid heat damage, these can cause damage to your hair and scalp due to the chemicals used, especially if you do them regularly. Keratin treatments, for example, usually contain formaldehyde, which can be linked to higher cancer risks.

6. Use quality products

Never ever use hair products that contain sulfates or parabens. Look for products that nourish your hair and scalp with antioxidants without using dangerous chemicals.

7. Revive your scalp with a detox

If you truly want your hair to look exceptional all around, get a scalp detox. This goes beyond shampooing to help lift away impurities, excess sebum, and product buildup to relieve your scalp and boost hair growth.

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