Why you should not go to bed with wet hair

At the end of a long tiring day, it is just too easy to take a hot shower, put on your pyjamas, brush your teeth, and hit the sack right away. However, have you ever thought about the risks of sleeping with wet hair? We have all been there, at least once. While leaving your hair washing to the night before might seem like the best option, you should take note of the below reasons why you should not do so.

1. It could cause severe hair breakage 

The hair is at its weakest when wet, so it will not be surprising to hear that you will be increasing the amount of breakage by leaving your hair wet and head to bed. As you toss and turn, friction can cause the hair to break more easily than if it was dry. Well, it may not be better to think of leaving your hair to air dry while you sleep than blow dry it beforehand.

2. You spend more time styling your hair 

Yes, the term ‘bed head’ exists for a reason. When you sleep, your hair is twisted into all sorts of strange styles, and if it is drying while you sleep, it will set that way too. Usually, the worst affected areas are the crown of your head and the ends. The only way to smooth out your hair is to spend a lot of time trying to restyle, either by re-wetting it, using heat tools or suffocating it with aerosols and gels. You end up using tools anyway even when you are trying to avoid using them.

3. It can cause dandruff

You will be shocked to know that the warmth of your head and the prolonged dampness of your hair will cause bacteria and fungi to multiply on your scalp, as well as on your pillow. Sleeping with damp hair will also strip the natural oils away from your hair as they are absorbed by the pillow’s fabric along with the excess moisture. The combination of bacteria growth and the loss of natural oils will make your scalp more likely to develop dandruff.

4. Your hair may lose its shine 

When the water from your hair is absorbed into the pillow’s fabric, the natural oils are taken too. Your hair will look dull and dehydrated without the presence of these oils. Furthermore, dehydrated hair is much more likely to break. Remember, there is a big difference between hair that is dry to the touch and hair that is dehydrated of natural oils.

5. Bacterial growth

Your pillows could be harbouring a dirty secret. It is the combination of water and warmth that can encourage rapid growth of bacteria. The warmth from your head will make the damp pillow the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mould. You might think that changing your bedsheets frequently will help, but the dampness from your hair will have penetrated into the pillow.

6. It can cause hair loss

Going to bed with wet hair can result in hair loss and, more specifically, the occurrence of scalp ringworm besides encouraging bacterial growth. Scalp ringworm is a type of fungal infection, caused by warm and damp conditions. If you are infected, do take extra precaution as this is highly contagious. You’ll need to take care to wash anything and everything that has come into contact with your scalp. We would rather grow long hair than lose hair!

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