How luscious hair can be within your grasp

We always see models and celebrities with thick, volumized, luscious hair. Whether it’s long or short, it looks ample and youthful. Long, luscious hair will eternally make a beautiful statement on almost any person, yet getting it isn’t always as simple as waiting it out. The truth is, many women find themselves with thinning hair due to post-pregnancy hormones, menopause, illness or stress.

Creating healthy hair habits is the first step to achieving luscious, smooth hair. It takes time and daily upkeep to truly transform your hair. But don’t get discouraged — the results are totally worth it! With these lifestyle changes, you’ll be well on your way to thick, lustrous, flowing locks. Achieving soft, manageable hair can be just within your grasp with our tips for restoring your hair’s health. Get started on your journey to the luscious hair you desire with these tips!

1. Get a trim

The first step in achieving soft, manageable hair is to cut off any dead ends. These split ends weigh down your hair, and cause it to be brittle and hard to work with. You wouldn’t want to end up with hair that feels and looks like straw. Regular trims allow your hair to not only grow longer, but to grow faster. Healthy hair grows much more easily once the damaged hair has been removed. We recommend that you get your hair trimmed about once every three months.

2. Reduce stress and get sufficient sleep

Stress can lead to hair loss as well as a decrease in the speed in which your hair grows. If you do suffer from stress, try yoga or other types of exercise to help yourself to de-stress. Eight hours of sleep is essential. Sleep is the main time which your body spends on growth and repair. If you don’t get enough sleep then your body won’t have enough time to concentrate on hair growth.

3. Sleep on silk

Sleep in style by changing out your regular cotton pillowcases for silk ones. If your hair is decently long already, you’re probably used to waking up with dozens of strands of hair spread out in your bed and on your pillows. Although it is natural to lose a few strands of hair every day, certain fabrics that you sleep on can grab more hair than is meant to be lost. To prevent this, switch over to silk pillowcases which don’t cause so much friction. These silky sheets do wonders for dry, brittle hair. Silk causes less breakage and knotting of the hair due to its smooth texture. Not interested in new pillowcases? Try wrapping your hair with a silk scarf at night instead.

4. Eat healthily

Your hair needs certain nutrients to grow just like the rest of your body does! Good food helps supply your hair follicles with nutrients necessary for luscious, full looking strands; poor nutrition can lead to dull, lacklustre, lanky hair. Fill up your diet with leafy greens, fresh fruit, wild-caught fish, and nuts and watch your hair grow more vibrant.

5. Avoid heat

Stop using heat on your hair unless it is extremely necessary. Stop straightening and blow drying, unless you’re getting dressed up and have to curl or straighten it. Heat styling can be absolutely brutal on your hair. If you need to, protect your hair from further damage by applying a heat protectant before using any hot tools. Such sprays can guard your hair against heat and friction, which allow your strands to become more manageable and soft.

6. Change the way you wash your hair

Factors like how often you wash your hair and what water temperature you use can affect the length of your hair. We recommend that you wash your hair no more than three times a week, and use the coldest water you can handle. Washing your hair less often might make it look a little greasy at first, but you can wear a hat for a few days until your scalp gets used to producing less oil. It shouldn’t take long! If you hate showering with cold water, try washing your hair in the sink with cold water separately from your regular showers. When you shower, keep your hair wrapped up in a shower cap.

Luscious hair isn’t out of reach. By following these helpful tips, you can look forward to completely transforming the look and feel of your hair within grasp.

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