Importance of oxygen for your scalp

Like all other skin on our body, the scalp also needs to breathe. It needs oxygen, moisture and nutrients. And since our hair is rooted in the scalp, a healthy scalp is important!

Healthy hair is partially a result of sufficient supply of oxygen to the hair. Oxygen encourages a healthy scalp that generates growth of strong and healthy hair. Hair follicles thrive on nutrients and oxygen supplied by the blood capillaries. Increased blood circulation to the scalp encourages the scalp to increase hair growth throughout the entire head.

When oxygen intake is reduced, our circulatory system can be disrupted and less oxygen is available for transportation to the cells in our body. A lack of oxygen affects all cells, including the hair cells and can cause premature hair thinning and hair loss.

We need to bear in mind that one of the most important contributors to having healthy hair is a sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair. The top of the scalp is the most difficult place to maintain good blood circulation because it is the farthest point upward from the heart, thus hair follicles can become sluggish forcing hair to grow at a slower rate.

There are four ways that oxygen can help your scalp.

1. For healthy shiny hair

A natural hair treatment with the use of an oxygen machine leads to healthy hair and scalp. Such a treatment helps replenish hair moisture and retains the suppleness of the hair ends. Of course, the condition of your hair determines the treatment that you can undergo, so do talk to a professional therapist about it. An oxygen treatment supplies the scalp with sufficient oxygen to keep it healthy. A healthy scalp will supply the hair with enough oils to keep it supple and shiny, as well as preventing the formation of dandruffs.

2. For strong hair

Oxygen and blood stimulate the growth of strong hair. Hair treatments with oxygen infusion have nourishing, normalizing, neutralizing, and fortifying factors that lead to growth of healthy hair. Pure oxygen revitalises hair cells and strengthens hair structures. Frequent treatments can also help to supply the hair with the necessary nutrients to keep it strong all year round. Regular treatments will allow your therapist to evaluate the development in the hair and recommend the correct frequency of such hair treatments.

3. For hair repair

Hair treatments with oxygen infusion allows the blood to be stimulated via circulation by the administered nutrients and oxygen that are being topically delivered to the scalp. By making sure cells received enough oxygen, regeneration of hair cells in the optimal condition could be guaranteed. Hair growth in the dermis layer of the scalp is also accelerated, reconstructing the damaged hair from the inside by repairing the bonds, restoring resiliency while refreshing the hair from the cuticle and cortex. In other words, the scalp gets cleansed, nourished and stimulated at the same time.

4. For soft silky hair

If you use an oxygen shampoo, it leaves hair feeling silk, soft, and healthy. The oxygenated element shampoo revitalizes dull and lifeless hair. The pH balance in the shampoo powered by oxygen removes dandruff and dirt, but locking in the hair’s natural moisture. The oxygen shampoo supplements oxygen in hair and stabilises the scalp, promoting hair growth and leading to manageable soft silky tresses.

Breathe new life into those tired locks and itchy scalps with Oriental Hair Solutions’s Oxygen Scalp Therapy, giving the scalp the oxygen it needs to regenerate. It is the perfect solution for a multitude of hair care concerns. With a refreshed scalp, there will be increased blood circulation, which then promotes healthy metabolism and induces hair regrowth. Your hair cells get revitalised and your hair structure strengthens with thicker and stronger hair follicles.

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