Christmas may be over but that doesn’t meant the parties are stopping! Have a post-Christmas work party coming up and you want to dress the part without looking costumey? Or, you’re having the whole family over and you want to look as good as you know your food is going to taste?

We love celebrating with our friends and families but not so much having to think of the perfect hairstyle for each occasion. With the time-crunched pace of the holiday season and all the details that occupy your brain, the last thing you need to worry about is your hair. And yet, once party invitations start rolling in, you may do just that.

If you’re planning your party look already, we have compiled some of the best festive hairstyles that you can easily do yourself quickly to really catapult yourself into the jingly jolly holiday, regardless of the occasion.

1. Glamour Waves

A mane of polished cascading luxe waves will add instant elegance during the festive season. Feminine with a touch of vintage Hollywood glamour, these beautiful waves will definitely put you in the spotlight. Wear them over one shoulder for capturing that sexy siren appeal.

2. Party Curls

Curl those tresses and turn heads at your next festive do with sensational party-ready ringlets. This attention-grabbing look is all about glamour and full-on volume, and these chic flowing curls are bound to get you some time under the mistletoe. Boost the style by applying spray to damp locks before blow-drying.

3. Wavy Pony

Change up your wavy style by sweeping those gorgeous textured locks into a beautiful pony. Pull them up and show off your neck, then just let a few elegant tendrils fall naturally free to finish the look. Ethereal and simple, It’s the ultimate boho party look. Wrap a small section of hair around the base of your ponytail to add a dash of extra sophistication to the style.

4. Volume Updo

Blending volume with an elegant bun, this stylish updo adds romance to your Christmas styling. Perfect for a black tie bash, a volume updo is guaranteed to steal the show. Pair with statement earrings and bold lips to radiate festive glamour.

5. Fancy Bun

This elegant style is inspired by the classic ballerina bun, but the feel of it is much looser, with none of the primness. This hairstyle is very elegant and feminine. This hairdo will be perfect for your family get together or even the upscale white tie Charity event.

6. Sleek Low Ponytail

There’s no denying that sleek equals chic. Sophisticated and easy to style, a glossy low ponytail is oh-so simple but perfect for partying. Straighten your tresses first before taking your locks back into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Elevate the look with glittering hair clip. Simply slide it into place at the top of your pony and voila – your hairstyle is next-level gorgeous.

7. Tousled Updo

Take your Christmas party hair up a notch with a big, bold tousled updo. Sophisticated and sexy, this look is a breeze to create – perfect if you’re rushing out of the office to an evening of festive drinks. Less is more with this style; pull your hair into a messy bun and let nature do its thing.

8. French Fishtail Braid

You can never go wrong with such braided hairdos. You can wear it like a french fishtail braid or can gather all your hair in a neat updo. Either way, this look is very feminine and stylish. The only important thing to remember is that the braid should be done very neatly and professionally.

Now, you can style your tresses ready for all your festive parties with our holiday hairstyles guide. Of course, you will need to adjust your hairdo to your whole outfit, but no one knows where you need to start. You can start with your choice of hairstyle and select the appropriate dress, shoes and other accessories for this particular hairdo or the other way around. The main idea is to look your best and have a wonderful time! Wow the crowd with your newly styled gorgeous, show-stopping locks!

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