A healthy scalp is equal to healthy hair

A healthy scalp is the start of your journey to healthy hair. It is helpful to think of your scalp as the “fertile ground” from which your hair will sprout and grow. If properly tended to, your hair will thrive. Maintaining a healthy scalp is very important for optimal hair growth.

Healthy scalps are those where the skin is toned, pliable, and stimulated. A toned and flexible scalp indicates a healthy network of connective tissue and nourishing blood vessels, and a pliable scalp skin allows for better circulation to the hair follicles. A healthy scalp is also a clean and stimulated scalp.

A healthy scalp is perhaps the most important component of a healthy head of hair. An unhealthy scalp will cause your hair to thin and appear discoloured or frail. Maintaining your scalp is complicated, requiring a variety of steps and sometimes personalized treatments. However, doing it right will go a long way towards maintaining your good looks as you age.

You can maintain a healthy scalp through these four ways:

1. Go clutter free

The scalp is an extension of the face. Just as pores can become clogged on the face, the follicles of the hair can experience the same type of obstruction if products are placed directly on it. This is especially true of heavy oils and greases. However, many women, in particular, are known for religiously slathering heavy oils upon the scalp. When products are allowed to build up on the scalp and hair, moisture conditions become unfavourable and problems with dryness and growth will arise. The proper way to hydrate the scalp is simply through frequent washing and conditioning. This keeps the scalp skin clear of any obstructing clutter and keeps it moisturized and supple.

2. Use gentle hair products

Avoid stripping shampoos with harsh, primary detergents like ammonium and sodium lauryl sulfate. Use clarifying shampoos sparingly only once or twice per month, and moisturizing shampoos for weekly cleansing. In addition to limiting the use of stripping shampoos, make sure that conditioning products are thoroughly rinsed from the hair. Lingering bits of conditioner upon the scalp can masquerade around as dandruff and appear flaky. Proper and thorough rinsing of the scalp is critical.

3. Avoid extreme heat

The heated air from blow dryers and hooded dryers depletes large amounts of moisture from the scalp. Blow dryers release dry heat, causing all the hair’s hydration to evaporate. This makes your hair much more sensitive and brittle, causing more hair damage. If you have to use the blow dryer, be sure to direct the heat down the hair shaft and not directly at the scalp. This also prevents roughing of the cuticles from improper air direction flow. Avoid exposing the scalp to temperature extremes.

4. Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly

Maintaining a healthy diet is imperative for proper scalp care and hair nourishment as new hairs leave the follicle. Your hair and nails are the last parts of your body to receive nutrition. Once the vital organs of your body have received their nutrition, then and only then does the body supply the hair. The follicle supplies your hair with all of the nutrients available from the leftover storage in your bloodstream at the time. Vitamins and minerals are essential for hair growth and your overall health in general. Nutritional imbalances may result in inadequate nourishment to our scalps which may hinder hair growth and scalp health. Adopting a proper diet will not only benefit your hair but also benefit your overall wellness. Regular exercise will help improve the condition of your hair. Physical activity reduces stress and increases the blood flow to the extremities, including the head and scalp.

Similarly, the right scalp treatments can help to remove any product build-ups from the hair and scalp, as well as stimulate blood circulation on the scalp, for healthier and shinier hair. Oriental Hair Solution’s Cordycep Shou Wu Therapy allows for antioxidants present in cordyceps to be delivered to the hair follicles as nutrients and shou wu stimulates hair growth. Enjoy a session of this treatment with a complementary set of Herbal Hair Tonic at only $18 (U.P $298)!

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