The importance of purifying the scalp

Most of us are familiar with skincare; we know what the basic steps are: cleanse, tone, moisturise, and yes, exfoliate and apply a mask regularly. But how many of us know that our scalp needs exfoliating too?

Our scalp is an extension of our skin, so it is probably not surprising that it has many similar traits with our facial skin. Just like our facial skin, it produces sebum and sheds skin cells that can clog our hair follicles over time. As such, our scalp definitely needs to be exfoliated regularly to get rid of these impurities to prevent our follicles from clogging. A healthy scalp is important for strengthening hair, helping growth and reducing hair fall.

On top of preventing clogging, exfoliating our scalp thoroughly can also enable hair tonic and serum to penetrate deeply into the scalp, offering our scalp the nourishment that we need. Our hair is alive only at the root so nourishing the scalp leads to better hair follicles/roots, faster growth, increased hair strength and better overall nourishment in the long run.

However, most of us only use a shampoo and a conditioner from day to day. These are, of course, important products to use, but what will make a big difference to our hair and scalp health is if we introduce a pre-wash that exfoliates the scalp into our hair routine. A pre-wash acts exactly like how an exfoliator works on the facial skin – it gets rid of dead skin cells on the scalp, and prevents clogging from happening.

If you think hair maintenance means going for restorative processes only after your hair has taken damage from the environment, styling and substandard products, you are definitely wrong. Hair and scalp maintenance is to your hair as physical exercise is to your body, and healthy diet is to metabolism. The world is more polluted than before, and the human body’s processes are only getting weaker. Thinning hair is getting increasingly common these days, and even children are getting infections of the scalp.

Read on to know why purifying our scalp is so important.

For better hair growth

Frequent traveling and lack of proper diet can result in serious fall in hair numbers. When hair follicles are weakened and clogged, hair growth is slow or non-existent and falls easily even when running your fingers through your hair, which is why hair loss is a common issue especially in the later part of life. To prevent hair loss, and allow healthy hair growth, protecting your scalp and its hair follicles is key.

For a clean and problem-free scalp

Keeping dirt and excess oil away from the scalp through shampooing is half the job done. However, product build up from shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, moose and gels and blockage on scalp due to air pollution and added sebum can give way to major problems such as pimples on scalp or even irritation. We always recommend a scalp detox session every now and then to clear away these impurities. Together with the right kind of shampoo and conditioner, you can keep your scalp clean, fresh and problem free.

For healthy hair

Frequent colouring and dyeing can make the hair dull or fried. The chemicals in dyes and other substances are harmful for both the scalp and the hair. Using hair dryers and flat irons is also damaging. Regular hair maintenance helps keep the lustre and shine in check!

For avoiding dandruff

Dandruff happens when excess sebum is secreted by the follicles, leading to an excessively oily scalp. This sticky, oily scalp attracts dirt. Scalp and hair maintenance therapies can also regulate the sebum production, preventing dandruff from occurring.

Prevention is always better than cure, especially for healthy hair and scalp. Oriental Hair Solution’s Award-Winning Herbal Scalp Purifying Therapy treatment comprises of hair and scalp treatments that establish a strong foundation for protection against harsh chemicals or environmental damages. It aids in cleansing the scalp, nourishing and moisturizing both the scalp and hair roots which helps in restoring the vitality of your hair. What’s more, you can now enjoy a session of this treatment at only $18 and get 1 Hair Care Kit for free (U.P $358)!

Hesitate no more, contact us for an appointment today.

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